Add opportinity managment to deals (similar to projects)


We as sellers and sales managers face the difficulty to qualify and manage opportunities (e.g. deals) along the way, without losing the oversight of the progress.

Especially for B2B SaaS sales for mid-market and enterprise customers, we would need a way to add methodologies such as MEDDPICC, MEDDIC, BANT, SPIN, etc. and see the progress and deal health in the Deal Sidebar (left side of the deal dashboard).

The benefits are clear:

  • Follow a structured sales process, where reps need to fill it out
  • Identifying gaps early in the sales cycle, and mitigate the risks
  • Evidence-based forecasting
  • Tracking progress to reduce deals from slipping

The feature, in my opinion, should be similar to the projects, where checkboxes and comments to the single elements can be added. It should be fully configurable to match the needs to the most important methodologies (MEDDPICC, MEDDIC, BANT, SPIN).

At the end, this is the basis for forecasting and staying on top of everyone's opportunities, where the health of the opportunities can be viewed immediately.

Similar products for Salesforce are:

In the attached pictures, taken from iSeeit, you can see that there are several fields to be filled out by the reps, summarizing the deal state (top left) and presenting a very good overview of the deal health.

For the insights within Pipedrive, the overview could look like this:

Last but not least, we understand that this is a rather big feature request.

Nevertheless, we would need it a lot and are willing to pay for it. Several other persons requested this in the forum as well (simply search for meddic).

The pain by now is so big, that we actually are looking at Hubspot (and how to implement it there), external tools and Salesforce.

If anyone knows another tool or plug-in via Zapier /, please let me know. Thank you!

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