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we are using pipedrive for the better of a year an a half and we try to use it to the fullest. now we are starting to play around with pandadoc, to use the sign and document creation features. the integration is nice but we don't like the concept of sending a mail from pandadoc.

so we want to send it from pipedrive. and if we want to do this properly, we want to build a nice template, with a 'field' that is the hyperlink to the pandadoc 'to sign' document.

As far as i can see, this hyperlink is not availble in pipedrive, so we can't 'get' it as a field in our mail template.

if anybody knows how to do this, would be nice to share. if it's not possible, is this not a nice feature? thanks in advance!




  • Liz (Ops Designed)
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    @Tontonsam love this comment and question!

    What email client are you using? It's possible it's different by email client, but for Gmail a link is auto-detected and shown as a link once sent. Have you set up a test? If not, here's what I recommend:

    1. Pop the link in a custom field (just a text field will work)
    2. Insert that field into an email to yourself (from any deal, you can just change the "to" email to your own)
    3. Send the email to see how it comes through. For me, this has it coming through as a link.

    I love the PandaDoc integration. If you would like additional support with PandaDoc or any other feature or add-ons, feel free to reach out.

    - Liz

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  • Tontonsam
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    Hey Liz,

    thanks for the quick feedback!

    the mailclient would be pipedrive :-) we want to mail from pipedrive with a template from the mailing client.

    'pop-ing the link in a custom field' is a manual operation? this is what i would love to see solved, you think it's possible? then i'll jump in a call ;-)

  • Liz (Ops Designed)
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    @Tontonsam are you creating the PandaDocs via a zapier automation or the native Pipedrive integration? If you're creating them via Zapier, then the link can be automatically added to the Deal using an update Deal step (and frankly, the email could even be automated as well). If you're using the native Pipedrive integration (Marketplace integration), then the field would need to be updated manually.