Linking Multiple deals for one overarching deal

Kel Henning
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Hello! Is there a process for combining deals into over overarching deal


  • JB-is-here-to-learn

    Good question. I also would like to know. #following

  • Andreia Costa
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    Hey @Kel Henning!

    Currently, we don't have a process to link multiple deals within one deal, I'd suggest you add that to the "Ideas and Product Feedback" section so users can upvote that idea.

    I do have a suggestion! You can make that happen manually by copying a link to a deal and adding it to a custom field. For example, you could create 2 different text custom fields. One would be "Related title deal" and the other one "Related deal" and add the link to the deal. That way, you can see the title of the deal, and then below, you'll have a direct link to it.

    Or if the title is not needed, you can just have one custom field. If you are planning on adding several links, I'd make it a Large Text type field as the regular text type has a 255-character limit.

    I hope that can work for you!