Add Subscribe Functionality to Campaigns

I paid for Campaigns and generally would like to have my monthly investor newsletter go out natively from Pipedrive. However, after I paid and began using Campaigns I realized that there is no way to have new people subscribe or opt-in to my Campaign list.

Support informed me that it's possible if I were to create a Web Form. Well, Web Forms would cost me $39 additional per month. I find this to be unconscionable that Pipedrive would offer a Campaigns module that does not have a subscribe button and opt-in functionality.

I came from Mailchimp where it's free for me to send campaigns up to 500 subscribers. Mailchimp not only provides all the same analytics as Pipedrive, it performs slightly on delivery and drafting from what I've experienced so far. Critically, it also provides, for free, Subscribe functionality so that people who want to opt-in to my content are able to.

Until this is resolved, I plan to remain a Mailchimp user and cancel Campaigns. I find the current offering from Pipedrive to be predatory and offensive and I sincerely hope that the development team/management resolves to fix this immediately.



  • Louis Kennard
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    Very valid @Hashpower! PD are making a nice lot of $$$ this way.

    Would it be possible to create an automation with another type of form integration?

  • Sophie
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    Hi @Hashpower,

    Thank you for sharing your feedback regarding this, I understand your concern and I will be sure to pass this feedback along to our product team internally.

    To elaborate on this further, Web Forms is not required in order to obtain new subscribed contacts. Campaigns from Pipedrive can only be sent to a contact once they have already subscribed and given consent to receive your campaign emails. You can always use another method to gain "proof" that a contact has given consent and subscribed to revive campaign emails from you! Thank you!

  • Hi @Sophie I too have set up a campaign and have migrated my opted in contacts from Hubspot. But, I'm unable to find how to create a form for people to opt in. Please can you show me how to do this (without having to upgrade again), thank you.

  • Jeffrey Bell
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    Mailigen had this functionality... kinda curious where it went? Having a "subscribe" function is pretty core to an email marketing software?