Allow Contact Us web form to have Appointment setting link

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Pipedrive's cool feature of including a link in emails for people to book appointments in the sender's calendar, sadly cannot currently be used in web forms such as Contact Us forms.

Can you please add this ability and in the settings for the Appointment field when it's added to, say, a Contact Us web form, allow us to specify the user (or ideally more than one user) whose calendar availability the website visitor can select from.

For multiple users, allow us to specify the rules for which user's calendar each subsequent booking goes to — e.g. first available, or round robin rotation, etc.

This would greatly aid our sales team's efficiency on the front end of the process.

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    Hi @MC!

    That is great feedback, thank you! Unfortunately, we don't have this functionality at the moment but feel free to submit the idea in the Feedback section so that other members can upvote it. The most voted ideas have a higher chance of being developed into a feature!

    As a workaround for the moment, you can always add your scheduler link as either a message in the webform or you can add your scheduler link as the page the contact is redirected to once the form is submitted-