Outfunnel - Lead Scoring Suggestion (game changer)

We use Outfunnel and it's fantastic. Our sales team can sort deals by lead score (how much people within each prospect company are interacting with our marketing). It's a game changer. However, it only knows who is interacting with the marketing if the email address of the person is dynamically inserted into the link that they click on. Mailchimp and Pipedrive Campaign modules do this BUT PIPEDRIVE DON'T DO THIS FROM EMAIL TEMPLATES.

We send maybe 100 emails a day to hot prospects from our email templates. If this could be added then so many more opportunities could be lead scored according to how much they click etc.

This would truely be a game changer for our business.

Any thoughts very welcome..


  • Andrus Purde
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    Makes a lot of sense and keen to hear whether there are non-obvious ways to add tracking links dynamically to email templates. I can see how this would also be useful for other use cases e.g. AB testing different templates.