When will more than 5 formula fields be available?

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I am evaluating and implementing Pipedrive currently. We have invested many dozens of hours into the process so far. We are considering switching from HubSpot to Pipedrive.

A large part of the appeal of Pipedrive was the Formula fields.

On the pricing page there is no mention of a limit of 5 Formula fields. Just ticks/checkmarks to say this feature is available on the higher plans.

Today when I tried to create another Formula field I got this message: "You have used 5/5 formula fields" and I was unable to create another one.

I reached out to support and they kindly pointed out that this is explained in this knowledge base article. Well, it should have been mentioned on the pricing page.

I am SUPER disappointed as the implementation I had in mind for our use case is being thwarted by this limitation.

So my question for Pipedrive @Manuel Oliveira is when is it planned to allow for accounts to have more Formula fields? 5 is almost useless. It is a beta phase, really, to have such a small quota of these fields.

Surely you can allow some of the higher plans more Formula fields. Please. 🙏