E-Mail Automation in Leads and creating a task

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my first question here :-)

The case is the following: We've imported many Leads into Pipedrive. I want to send in all Leads an E-Mail Template, called “Template 1”. I started this, when I trigger all Leads with a new label. All Leads are sending my template, everything is fine. But now I would like to create an automatic task, when the E-Mail is replied, that I have to call the contact a day later. This automation works well! But I want to add also the condition, when the mail is NOT replied within 7 days, my Template 2 is sending out. It's also important, that the automation is stopped and will send no second mail, when the contact answered within the 7 days. Would be bad, when he gets a my Template 2 after replying the first email.

Does anyone have an idea how to setup with automation?

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  • Axel Depierre
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    Hi @Malte Nielsen ,

    To do this I would go with a second automation, with the condition "Lead has not replied" + 7 days delay and then the rest of your sequence.

    No risk of sending mail 2 :

    If a lead replies it will create your activity

    If a lead does not reply it will continue the workflow

  • Malte Nielsen
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    Thanks for your reply! Ok, but how do I Trigger the second automation to start? There is noch condition in Pipedrive, where I can check "Lead has not replied". I have to start the second automation by our own, correct? We set a custom field called "Automation" to "Waiting 1", after starting the first automation. I can set all Waiting 1 to Waiting 2 and start the second automation. Any other idea, how I can start automatically the second automation?

  • Axel Depierre
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    Yes, that is how I would start the second automation.

    How do you start the first one, where the lead has replied ?