Can I automate a 'New Deal' in a different pipeline, created from the the details of a 'Won Deal'?

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We have 2 pipelines. Sales and Production.

We want a 'New Deal' to be automatically created in our Production pipeline, with all the details from the 'Won Deal' in the Sales pipeline the moment the sales deal is set to won.

Is this possible?

OR - can we have the won deal (with ALL the information from the deal) appear instantly on our Production pipeline the moment it is set to won?

Thank you!!


  • Janosch Wechsler
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    Yes, that is possible.

    For this we use an automation that duplicates the deal, sets the duplicated deal to "won", and moves the original deal to a new pipeline (with all original info still there).

    Hope this helps.

  • Liz (Ops Designed)
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    @Jordan44 Yes, this is 100% possibly via Pipedrive's Workflow Automation. I highly recommend you duplicate the deal in the Production Pipeline rather than moving the deal because if you move the deal, you'll lose all of the conversion metrics for the deal in the Sales Pipeline.

    To duplicate the deal, you'll set up the automation like this:

    1. When a deal is updated
    2. and these "Instant Conditions" are met: status has changed to won and pipeline is the Sales Pipeline
    3. Create a Deal

    In the Create Deal step, you can then pull all of the data from the Deal in Step 1 using the "Step Options." You can also create a pinned note linking the Production deal to the Sales Deal, if that's helpful (for example, to reference emails or notes linked on the sales deal).

    If you would like additional support, feel free to reach out.

    - Liz

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    Thank you so much @Liz (Ops Designed)! I'll come back to you shortly.



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