Improvements Urgently Required!

We have now been on the new deal format for a few weeks now and we are finding it less than satisfactory for our business needs. The new layout and system is costing us time and money due to features that are no longer available.

1. We have our emails integrated with PD, so everytime we send an email it attaches to the contact card and the deal - fine. But this makes it very very difficult to find deals as there is a siege of backwards and forwards emails in there. I would like to request a drop down feature for emails - the same as 'Focus' and 'History' so it keeps emails together.

2. The same for deals - to keep it tidy.

3. Auto-population - we write a lot of the same information into deals - at the moment, there is no prompt for auto populating this information and for every single deal we have to manually write the information in. This is extremely time consuming and leaves massive room for error.

4. Drag and dropping files onto the contact card/deals. Previously we could hover the file over the note box and it would automatically attach - now we have to click 'file' before we can drop the files.

5. Enter key - i cannot tell you the absolute heartache it is that you cannot press enter to save a field, It is absolutely insane that this feature isn't on the deals anymore. Every single field has to be clicked with a mouse and for every field we do this - its 2 seconds, for every field we complete it 10seconds - 10 seconds per client over the day. The idea of the platform was to save us money, not cost more. In a day and age where we are trying to streamline everything to make it as easy as possible, this feature not being an option is ludacris.

6. My staff in this respect are clicking 'cancel' a lot as cancel appears before 'save'. This leaves a massive room for error when doing things at speed.

I sincerely hope these recommendations are passed onto someone as i cannot explain the detrimental affect this new update is causing for my business.

Any help graciously accepted.

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  • Liz (Ops Designed)
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    Hi @Sharon_69510

    I can definitely see that some of these items on your wishlist would be great updates! I do have a couple of suggestions which may help.

    Regarding #3 Auto-population - You can create a workaround in Workflow Automation. I am advocate for reducing the amount of manual data entry needed, so I include automations like this for my clients.

    For example, here is an example of what the automation would look like to automatically populate the Deal Value when a Deal is created.

    You could go a step further and introduce conditions as well. 

    Regarding #5 Enter key and #6 One recommendation is to use Jotform or a similar tool to enter Deals into Pipedrive or to update them later. Here are some videos that cover what that could look like:

    How to Integrate Pipedrive and Jotform using Zapier -

    Collect Customer Information and Update Pipedrive Automatically with their Response (Jotform) -

    Please feel free to reach out if you would like additional support.

    - Liz

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