Marketplace Add On für Syncing Contacts, Calender and Activity with Apple (iCloud) Contacts, Calende


I am looking for a recommendation for good add-ons to synch

  • Contacts with Apple (iCloud) contacts
  • Calender with Apple (iCloud) calender
  • Activities with Apple (iCloud) reminder

Any hint?


  • Sophie
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    Hi @TilRq,

    To sync your Apple contacts to Pipedrive, you can do this through the Pipedrive mobile app! You can see how to do that here! If you are looking for an integration to do this, you can check out here or here!

    We also have Calendar Sync in Pipedrive that may be able to help, you can see more information here!

    I found some other Apple calendar and reminder integrations below as well-

    Onlizer Reminders

    Onlizer Calendar


    I hope this helps!

  • TilRq
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    Thanks, @Sophie, for your advice.

    As I am using Pipedrive more, I have realized:

    I do not need to sync contacts. It’s better to use the Pipedrive App on the phone.

    I can sync meetings to Outlook 365 and integrate the Outlook 365 calendar into Apple Calender

    However, I still need a solution for syncing tasks from pipeline activities within Deals/Leads to Apple Reminder

    One-way: Only the task activities from Deals/Leads should be synced to Apple Reminder but NOT reminders to Pipedrive.

    Ideally, changes to reminders, that originally come from Pipedrive, should be synced back to Pipedrive (except: content in notes coming from Pipedrive: contacts, organization, deal/lead, see below). 

    I need to sync:

    • Task title,
    • due date,
    • priority (always high),
    • notes.

    It would be ideal if the following information would be transferred into the Reminder’s notes:

    • Contacts
    • Organization
    • Deal / Lead

    I have contacted Onlizer, what is possible and will keep you posted.