HOW exactly do I get human help.

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Since signup, I have not been able to get a human person using pipedrive.

At this point, I am close to doing a chargeback as it seems pretty fraudulent to give the appearance that you will be able to speak with a human only to not be able to get one.


"Sorry, as a bot I couldn’t find an answer for that. Here’s what you can do

Bot · 2m ago.

Get more help 🌐"

If I go through get more help, the options are not there and it just ends the chat.


  • Sophie
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    We're sorry to hear about your experience trying to contact support and with our support bot. Thank you for your feedback, I have submitted this internally for review.

    Allow me to explain this a bit further-

    Human assistance is still available in specific topics in which our Bot nor our Self-Service platforms are able to help and these cases are prioritized according to their nature, but we’ve also expanded our resources to offer assistance through more channels. Our support continues to be available 24/7 and we’ve enriched our options in many other ways:

    • Our support form ensures you receive human assistance for relevant topics
    • Our Knowledge Base offers you a vast range of guided articles with information about Pipedrive’s diverse features
    • Our academy offers you in-depth tutorials on how to get the most out of Pipedrive features
    • You can sign-up to our webinars to get access to interactive sessions to deepen your knowledge of the tool

    If you are experiencing a technical issue- you should look for “something is not working” or “page not working” in the bot flow to connect with our live agents to work through the technical issue.

    We greatly appreciate your understanding and I hope this provides some clarity!

  • Brand2
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    I was able to reach someone and have just saved that email address however even the default support email kicks back an email that says to go through chat....

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    Yes really frustrating. One major advantage of Pipedrive was its (human) support which helped me a couple of times over the past years.

    losing this is really not making anything better.

  • bitcoinnarwhal
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    i need to speak with someone about restoring pipedrive until before 5 days or notes were deleted

  • bitcoinnarwhal
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    this is exttemely important

    there must be a previously saved version

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    You need to go through to chat until you figure out how it gets you to that support email. That gets you in the email chain where they are kind of helpful.

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    @gmaiI have been trying to use the Chat; however, it never takes me anywhere to leave a question.

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    Hi @bitcoinnarwhal 👋

    If you are looking to revert a previous action when using the chat option, there is an option available for "Revert an action made in Pipedrive" and this option should allow you to check what data needs to be reverted.