Matching custom fields of 2 deals in separate Pipelines as Condition


To reduce human error, I am trying to create an automation, where:

After a deal with a certain text in a certain custom field (an internal ID) in one Pipeline gets won, the Automation will find an open deal in another Pipeline that has same text in the same custom field, and moves that deal into a certain stage.

As I understand, something like this (as in tying 2 deals together to track what is happening to one of them and changing the other) can be done if the deal that gets won, was initially created by automation that duplicated the initial deal and put the copy into the Pipeline where the deal is won. Then, using the waiting function to monitor for when the state changes to "Won", the automation can update the original deal in the original Pipeline by changing the Stage to what is needed. Sadly, the maximum of 7 days of waiting time is too short for us and we cannot use this system.

Have you used or discovered any way to do this kind of thing without using the waiting function?

Best regards!