how sync pipedrive product to quickbook product


i have about some product in pipedrive account and also some product in quickbook account.

i want to know after integration how synch product to decide that starting integration or not.

how integrate product?


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    Hi @alimozayyani,

    If you have all of your products in QuickBooks, you can export them from QuickBooks and import them into Pipedrive! If you already have products in Pipedrive, you will be able to link products from inside of Pipedrive to Products in your Quickbooks account! When you are in Pipedrive and have added the product to your invoice, you will see a yield icon next to your item until it is successfully linked.

    If you are using our products feature for your invoice items, we recommend making sure your products list is up to date. If you are not using our products feature, you can search and link to your products in Quickbooks directly in the create invoice window.

    You can see more information in our Quickbooks integration Knowledge base article here!

    I hope this helps!