Webinar Q&A: Maximizing essential features

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Hello Pipedrivers! ☀️

We would like to thank everyone who attended our recent Maximizing essential features webinar we conducted on November 8th. Your presence and active participation made the event a tremendous success.

During the webinar, we received an overwhelming number of questions (more than 200 💪), and while we tried our best to address as many as possible in real-time, regrettably, we couldn't get to all of them.

As promised, we have compiled answers to the questions that were left unanswered during the live session, and you can find them in the comments of this post. We hope these responses provide the clarity you were seeking.

We appreciate your suggestions, comments, and critiques, and we are committed to using this feedback to make our future webinars even more helpful and interesting for you.

If you missed our webinar, here is the recording for you ⬇️



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    • Can you create activities based on emails you recieved which are synced to the lead/deal?
    • Cannot trigger automations based on emails

    • Can you integrate Klaviyo (newsletter platform) with pipedrive?
    • Not a direct integration but available in Marketplace (https://www.pipedrive.com/en/marketplace/app/klaviyo-2-way-sync/db19322b04fddcdf), Zapier  (https://zapier.com/apps/klaviyo/integrations/pipedrive) or Make (https://www.make.com/en/integrations/klaviyo/pipedrive)

    • YES!!!! More on automation!
    • Upcoming automations webinar: -https://app.livestorm.co/pipedrive/get-started-with-automations?utm_source=Livestorm+company+page Previously recorded webinars: -https://app.livestorm.co/pipedrive/workflow-automation-make-your-processes-magic?utm_source=Livestorm+company+page & -https://app.livestorm.co/pipedrive/effortless-automation-scale-and-boost-overall-efficiency-with-pipedrives-advanced-plan?utm_source=Livestorm+company+page

    • Is it possible to automate sending the double opt-in email after a person marketing status changed to subscribed?
    • No. This cannot be automated. However, you can automate sending a link to a webform created within Pipedrive

    • can we put the same follower in a multiple deals?
    • Yes.

    • How would you export all the leads which were previously converted to deals?
    • You can filler your leads by source. Then select Deal https://sharing.pipedrive.com/i/slEvFS

    • Can I use the same report multiple times on the same dashboard? I want to see different visualisations of the same data table
    • Yes. With the report open, you can add the same report to as many dashboards as you have access to. You can also duplicate reports.

    • Signature importing doesn't work nicely, profile picture and company logo doesn't upload as in original version.
    • Compose email signature from scratch in PD to replicate your email signature in your home email service provider. Our email signature composer has options to add images and links, making customizing it to their liking with these resources.
    • However, some signature may have a more complex HTML formatted signature which they need to add. In some cases, copy+pasting from an external source will allow signature to be shown correctly.

    • We have different types of deals (buy side - buying something; and sell side - selling something). Is there an example of how to setup deal fields specific for each so the reps only see the applicable fields for the type of deal they are working?
    • Using pipeline specific custom fields will be helpful in illustrating different information being captured through different endeavors

    • Is there a way to integrate pipedrive into Outlook? i.e have an "add-in" for outlook so deals show on the right hand side above your calendar. This way emails can be dragged in & saved to the deal
    • You can use the Email sync to sync and connect Outlook https://support.pipedrive.com/en/article/email-sync

    • I would like to set off an automation when looking at a deal, what is a simple trigger that can be used?
    • You could use changing a custom field or completing an activity as a trigger. https://support.pipedrive.com/en/article/workflow-automation

    • In a near future do you plan filtering clients from a  particular product variation please. Should you want me to give you some examples,  please  do  not  hesitate. Thanking you
    • Please reach out to support to capture more info for this

    • Do you have any best practice guidance about how best to set up and use Pipedrive?
    • Getting Started with Pipedrive https://learn.pipedrive.com/app/courses/f6246955-f620-4afe-b7fa-b9256624d4af

    • How can I set up an automation to remember those projects are not touch for long time ago?
    • Use the automation feature to create activities then add a delay and then another activity to follow up

    • Can you go over reporting and how to track successes through pulling reports?
    • Preivously recorded webinar: https://app.livestorm.co/pipedrive/beautiful-reporting-actionable-insights?utm_source=Livestorm+company+page

    • When a deal is created can you automatically assign a sales manager as a follower?
    • Yes, with use of the workflow automation

    • Is it planned to integrade another level for the organisations? We have 3 or 4 tiers sometimes, but can only parent/daughter.
    • You can now list associated organizations outside of Parent associations. You can select 'Related' as an option. https://sharing.pipedrive.com/i/fGiUvR An alternative, would be to create a organization type of custom field https://sharing.pipedrive.com/i/ASjxn2

    • Does Pipedrive support sent out email blasts
    • Pipedrive sends out emails notifying customers on product updates and system messages

    • Can we create automation through Document - Request Signature feature? We would require a trigger to send the document which we require a signature through TEAM
    • A Signature request cannot be triggered by automation

    • How to integrate social media leads to Pipedrive and track them?
    • This would largely depend on what social media site you wish to generate leads from. We connect to several via our Marketplace https://www.pipedrive.com/en/marketplace/search?query=social%20media

    • Can users request to be removed from a PipeLine and marked as Do Not Contact automatically (to prevent subsequent automation emails from being sent)?
    • Yes. Please reach out to support@pipedrive.com to remove your contact information from our communication list

    • I like the fact we can use Parent Organization but it seems impossible to do some filters based on it. Is it true ?
    • Yes, it is true.

    • How can I change an old custom field (text type) to another type, which contains data that doesn't perfectly map to the other custom type I need (i.e. date/number)
    • The best way to change a custom field type is to recreate the field in the type that you want and use the “Pipedrive System ID"" feature to transfer the existing data into the new field. https://support.pipedrive.com/en/article/changing-the-field-type-of-a-custom-field

    • How to add a contact to multiple organisations?
    • Currently in Pipedrive a contact can only be linked to one Organizaiton. This situation could be handled with custom fields.

    • Will there be a basic training booklet for Pipedrive?
    • Getting Started with Pipedrive https://learn.pipedrive.com/app/courses/f6246955-f620-4afe-b7fa-b9256624d4af

    • Is there a way to see a "note"/update to a lead at a glance in the lead inbox (without clicking into the details of the lead)?
    • At the present time, one single lead needs to be selected and opened to view the most recently posted note added to a lead.

    • Why does tracking opens and link clicks often not work? Is this a problem on the receiving side?
    • There can be several reasons why tracking has not been triggered https://support.pipedrive.com/en/article/email-tracking-reports-with-gmail-and-apple

    • I would like to make an automaton to create an activity after failed calls. When a customer calls and im in a meeting, it would be awesome to get a "call him/her back" activity on a deal. Is it possible?
    • Not possible using the Workflow Automation. Possible using Zapier or Make to connect to a phone calling software

    • When are form submissions going to be included in the sales-assistent summary mail?
    • Sorry, we do not currently have a date.

    • Looks like there is no way to schedule emails to be sent from the lead (unlike deals and person records) - is that coming? :)
    • Sorry, we do not currently have a date for this feature.
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    • Can Pipedrive's API facilitate the exchange of data, including both sending and receiving information, with other platforms that possess open APIs?
    • Yes :) https://developers.pipedrive.com/docs/api/v1

    • How to upload multiple files for a project? Is that possible?
    • Select more than one deal when uploading under the Files tab

    • Is it possible to merge two deals in PipeDrive while ensuring that information from both deals is retained, without losing any data from either deal? If so, what is the process to achieve this seamless consolidation of information?
    • Yes. https://support.pipedrive.com/en/article/how-can-i-free-up-space

    • For a deal, under the list view, how can I apply a filter?
    • By clicking on 'Everyone' in the upper right hand corner. Then select Filter, to view, select or create a filter

    • when i created a new deal, how can i name the deal (name (organization))
    • Write an automation with the trigger being Deal Created, the Action being Update deal fields, Title, Title is then Contract Person Name and Deal Organization Name

    • How frequently do you hold a live training demo like the one today?
    • We hold webinars pretty often. You can check out upcoming webinars and register here https://www.pipedrive.com/en/webinars

    • Are professional accounts able to use automations or only advanced ones?
    • All Pipedrive plans include automations

    • Are we able to push automations to duplicated deals?  OR Are we able to set any 'rules' for when deals are duplicated?
    • Yes :) You would just need to identify a trigger event that would then duplicate your deal https://sharing.pipedrive.com/i/pW0vgR

    • Is it planned to have project-reports in insights? And also reports that have multiple filters like some deal-criteria and some contact-criteria in the same report?
    • Currently, you can only report on Activites from Projects and there is nothing on the 2023 RoadMap. Pipedrive is improving the Reporting so look for the next release in late Q4 or Q1 2024. Please note, all dates are subject to change.

    • If I enter in an activity in an account, for example. "follow up with john smith on jan 1" can I set up an email reminder for that rather than having to log into pipedrive to see it?
    • You can set up an email reminder using the Sales Assistant https://support.pipedrive.com/en/article/sales-assistant https://sharing.pipedrive.com/v/bq58Rj

    • Why when changing an Organisation to a Lead does it not populate the activity you've already completed across to the Lead?
    • No. Because the previous activity was completed when the Org was not a Lead just yet.

    • How can I filter overdue activities over my customer success team?
    • By creating a filter that matches all three conditions "Acctivity done is to-do, Activity add time is earlier than today, Activity due date is earlier than today" https://sharing.pipedrive.com/i/1Juhip

    • Is there a way to have a shared teams-meeting link between multiple users? Where a meeting the customer chooses just gets added to the user that has time available in there shedule
    • Pipedrive's scheduler doesn't currently support group calendars.

    • Can you integrate Microsoft Teams into PipeDrive so you can add meeting links into leads?
    • Yes :) https://support.pipedrive.com/en/article/pipedrive-integration-microsoft-teams
    • How do I add multiple organizations to one pipedrive account? For example, the Apple project has John Contracting and Smith Contracting. How do I add both?
    • You can list a additional org under a Deal by creating a Deal custom field using the Organization custom field https://d.pr/i/ASjxn2
    • Which apps would you recommend to integrate with Pipedrive for email prospecting?
    • Lemlist and Outfunnel are one of the two listed integrations that assist with email prospecting in our Marketplace https://www.pipedrive.com/en/marketplace
    • Can I create a mention in an automations workflow?
    • Not at the present time. I can suggest sending email to whomever you wish to mention
    • I created a webform on my website- is there a way to populate the answers such as address, phone number, budget, project description?  So I don't have to re enter it into the deal
    • Yes, using Pipedrive's webforms you can use this same info entered to build and create your deal https://support.pipedrive.com/en/article/web-forms
    • Are you doing a session on Marketing Tools
    • There isn't one currently scheduled. In the meantime, please check this playlist of different marketing methods in Pipedrive https://pipedrive.hubs.vidyard.com/watch/c2s96VYGrebXKEGzTvi28d
    • What is the most used automation in Pipedrive?
    • You can locate a list the most used workflows in the Workflow Template section https://support.pipedrive.com/en/article/workflow-automation-templates https://sharing.pipedrive.com/i/eI5NAU
    • Licenses: Can we have different licenses to different users? Eg. HR persons does not need to have the same rights as Sales person.
    • No.
    • Can you automatically link your onedrive files to your pipedrive?
    • Not currently, you can manually link a file.
    • How to set a fixed sender (me)(even if it is triggered by another user) of your email template in an automation?
    • Not with the most recent updates 
    • Is there any way to actively choose from which mail address an automation-mail is sent?
    • The automated email is sent from the Pipedrive user's login email address that caused the trigger. You currently are not able to select another address. 
    • How do I deal with master franchisees of different countries? Do we need to add separate pipelines per country or do we need to work in one pipeline with visibility groups?
    • You can use the same pipeline for this or you can use Labels to identify the country of the franchise.
    • Will an email sent through Pipedrive record within Outlook as a sent item?
    • Yes.You will see this email in your 'Sent' folder
    • Can you send email on behalf of another Pipedrive user?
    • No. Not unless you connect their email sync to your account.
    • How does the gmail plugin/app work? Any way that I can send emails through Gmail and not have to go into Pipedrive to send?
    • The integration connects your Pipedrive with your Gmail to be able to send emails and link to your deals https://support.pipedrive.com/en/article/pipedrive-gmail-add-on
    • Question on email viewing -- it seems like if ANYone opens your email, it counts as a view. is there any way to have it only count email opens/views if it's the main recipient?  I've noticed if i open the email, or someone that is CCd on the email, it shows it as opened
    • Yes, any open is counted. If you need to look at the end you sent I recommend going into Pipedrive's Sales Inbox Sent folder. 
    • Can we go over how to create email templates?
    • https://support.pipedrive.com/en/article/email-templates
    • Is there a way to link an email to Pipedrive without the syncing?
    • Not currently.
    • Can we brand the web form with our website background?
    • You can customize the Web Form with Style (Colors, Background, Fonts, Form style, Logo, etc) 
    • Is it possible to see the calendars of others within our organization in the meeting scheduler like I do on Google Calendar?  Does is matter if they have a seat with the platform?
    • This largely depends on if you have permissions to view data of other Pipedrive users. You can select to view their activities by selecting the Filter. https://sharing.pipedrive.com/i/jdJidI
    • Will it be possible to add one person to two organisations?
    • Not currently, however you could use custom fields.
    • Is there a way to have info from a client filtered in automatically from our website and wedding pro so it becomes a deal instead of us manually inputting this information?
    • You could embedd a web form into your webpage where customer enter informtion to build their request and simutanesly create a deal within Pipedrive https://support.pipedrive.com/en/article/web-forms
    • Which license is needed to use the webform and Lead Inbox? And what is the extra charge if you do not have it included?
    • Leadbooster add on https://support.pipedrive.com/en/article/leadbooster-add-on
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    • With regard to emails - we have the same contact person for multiple deals so in this case other than using the BCC would the email integration work for us?
    • The bcc functionality is built just for these cases. Each different would work to identify and represent each separate deal transaction

    • Sorry if I have missed this - does this track opened / viewed emails?
    • https://support.pipedrive.com/en/article/email-tracking

    • When will we be able to use HTML in Emails?
    • Sorry, we do not currently have a date.

    • Are they any special features for the level Essential? Or do you have plans to also extend the automation function to lower levels anytime soon?
    • The Advanced plan includes automations and is the next plan up from the Essential Plan.

    • Is there a webinar specifically on automations that we can be sent?
    • Register for Nov 22nd Webinar on Automations : https://app.livestorm.co/pipedrive/get-started-with-automations?utm_source=Livestorm+company+page

    • Are you working on being able to use templates with attachments using the phone app / ipad app?
    • You can locate a list the most used workflows in the Workflow Template section https://support.pipedrive.com/en/article/workflow-automation-templates https://sharing.pipedrive.com/i/eI5NAU

    • We have struggled with our sales team to create all the deals because they say that they don't have time to fill all the data to the system. Do you recommend us to just capture the deals that are important, or should we capture all the deals?
    • The best practice is to capture all Deals, however you could set business specific criterion for when they are required to capture a Deal. Also, think about using the Leads In-box to capture/manager non-qualified leads so when a Lead becomes qualified it can then be converted to a Deal.

    • WHEN will I be able to add Files in a LEAD???!!! :-)
    • Sorry, We do not currently have a date.

    • Will you be incorporating chatgpt for email creation?
    • Sorry, We do not currently have a date but are actively looking at AI.

    • How do I add multiple organizations to one pipedrive account? For example, the Apple project has John Contracting and Smith Contracting. How do I add both?
    • You would need to create a custom field for the second organizaiton in the Deal.

    • What does it mean that the automations are in BETA?
    • BETA means the feature is available, usually to a limited number of users, for use to gather user feedback before a full release to all users

    • Is there a demo of how the chatbot works on your website?
    • https://pipedrive.hubs.vidyard.com/watch/xYc5jEwuSh9QpEQeztMYX9?

    • Is Google Voice integration possible?
    • The Pipedrive mobile app has voice to text.

    • Is it possible to set an assignee to a lead without an industry (or etc.). Is it possible to split the incoming deals in a 50-50 ratio maybe?
    • Yes, the Assignment conditions would be "Lead is not empty" and Assignee would be a team with the Pipedrive users

    • Regarding task management: How to handle recurring tasks?
    • Currently in Pipedrive, we do not support the feature of recurring tasks

    • Why does PipeDrive say duplicate when you don't have duplicates?
    • This depends on what is being duplicated. Deals do not have a duplication rule to identify them. Contacts and organizations do though.

    • What is the best way to use automation in Projects?
    • This depends on your business' needs. A popular automation is when a Project is created to fill in custom fields from the won Deal.

    • Can we create Automations with Deal Labels?
    • Yes, can be used as triggers

    • Can I send a sequence of emails to a lead or deal contact? thanks ;)
    • Yes. This can be done using the Workflow Automation. https://support.pipedrive.com/en/article/automations-sequences-based-on-email-conditions https://pipedrive.hubs.vidyard.com/watch/TjpWMoJ5s4BdbVggpLkwBC?

    • Can the PO number directly be inserted with a Sevdesk (invoice) integration?
    • We have an integration within our Marketplace https://www.pipedrive.com/en/marketplace/app/sev-desk-pipedrive-verbindung/e131a74d088e66cd

    • After assignment, the leads are still in the lead inbox, right?
    • Yes, after the automatic assignment the Leads are still in the Leads Inbox

    • How can I handle calendar invitations coming with an email in pipedrive to accept or reject the invitation? And how can I handle responses on calendar answers in pipedrive?
    • Clicking on the link within the email should notify you calendar if you have accepted or rejected the proposed time.

    • Does every plan have automatic assignment? Because i don't have it
    • The Professional, Power, and Enterprise Plans include the automatic assignment feature

    • When I send proposals I would like to copy other people on it. Is there a way to do this?
    • This is possible with use of the Docusign integration. You are permitted to list persons that just need a copy of the document https://sharing.pipedrive.com/i/JidmFY

    • So in the case of someone filling out a form on the website looking to work with my company -> would I have to embed a Pipedrive version of that form on the website to trigger this leads assignment?
    • Yes, LeadBooster Webform is what I would recommend. https://support.pipedrive.com/en/article/leadbooster-add-on

    • Can I somehow link the quote request form from my website to Pipedrive to automatically create a lead?
    • Yes, via API or Webforms.

    • How can we integrate the Lead-Inbox in our website? Is it possible?
    • Using Pipedrive's LeadBooster you would create a Contact Me Webform which can then either create a Lead or create a Deal. https://support.pipedrive.com/en/article/leadbooster-add-on

    • Would there be a booklet guidelines for basic training/navigation for Pipe Drive database?  Or still at work?
    • Getting Started with Pipedrive https://learn.pipedrive.com/app/courses/f6246955-f620-4afe-b7fa-b9256624d4af

    • I thought one of the topics of this webinar was about automations
    • It was the first subject covered.

    • Can lead routing just route based on a round robin - as we do not have industry as it is B2C

    Yes. You can use many different parameters to assign leads outside of the industry source. You can use different field data being captured from the lead upon creation to route to the correct Pipedrive user.

  • Dina Osman
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    • I'm not asking a question, however, maybe have a suggestion to have another training with lesser audience or less number of people and more focus on questions and training.
    • Thanks for your feedback! Indeed this is our largest webinar audience.

    • Please we'd like to have the possibility to upload pictures for people for example the picture coming from the linkedin profile. we already have the pics from our ERP Enterprise Ressource Planning system.
    • You can upload these photos on an individual basis under each Contact https://sharing.pipedrive.com/i/SY8k6G

    • Can pipedrive be linked with SalesViewer?
    • Yes, through Zapier or Make

    • Not sure of everyone's knowledge of Pipedrive and usage - we are a brand new user...    Do you have a best practice or cheat sheet or quick reference guide so that we can best utilize the tool
    • Getting Started with Pipedrive https://learn.pipedrive.com/app/courses/f6246955-f620-4afe-b7fa-b9256624d4af

    • Can we connect Pipedrive with Microsoft Office 365?
    • Yes, through Zapier or Make

    • Is there a plan to have a pipeline for the leads too? Would be nice sometimes to have that option
    • Currently there is not a plan to add a pipeline to Leads, however you could use labels or custom fields to achieve this result. I recommend as soon as your Lead is qualified to move them into your Pipeline as a Deal.

    • Is it possible to transfer automations from an account our company doesn't need anymore? Or do you need to create them again on a different account? I have the same questions for EMail Templates
    • Automation and email can be transferred among Pipedrive users in the same Pipedrive Account, but currently cannot be transferred among Pipedrive Accounts.

    • Is there a way to connect a google voice account used for texting to Pipedrive so it saves the conversation in the lead/deal?
    • Not at the present time, however, we have plenty of integrations that accomplish in our Marketplace

    • Is it possible to manage custom fields visibility on LEADS and DEALS separately?
    • You can exclude all Pipelines and only have the custom field displayed in Leads

    • Are automations always sent by the owner of the automation? (f.e.: if I create a company automation for sending emails, the receiver sees my name as the sender (but I would like the owner of the deal to be the sender). How can I arrange this?
    • You can now transfer automation ownership and share automations with other users. This allows you to transfer ownership to another user. Whoever has set up the automation and or owns it will see their email address send any email requested to be sent using an automation.

    • I'm assuming the Main Admin of Pipe Drive in my company can customize the deals. Who can see which deals?  Am I understanding this correctly?
    • That is correct. The account owner and admin users that the privilige to identify what you can see and access within Pipedrive https://support.pipedrive.com/en/article/visibility-groups

    • Is in the roadmap the option to manage the left sidebar without permission to change it by personal users?
    • A recent update permits each user to edit their view of the left side menu https://support.pipedrive.com/en/article/quick-actions-in-pipedrive

    • Can you provide us with your contact information so that we can reach out for any future questions we might have? Could you let us know if there will be any future training sessions or library location?
    • Please reach out to Support for ongoing help. Our Knowledge Base, Academy, and Community are great resources to further your understanding of Pipedrive.

    • When I manage the visibility I basically have a problem. Cuz if we talk about leads if everyone sees  the leads that are on their ownership. That's ok. But i want to let them see on search all the leads cuz I don’t want them to work on the same leads   Hope it’s make sense
    • If leads are not visible to certain users, these same leads will not come up in a search. If you desire to have these leads populate in a search, users will need to be able to access said leads.

    • If you wanted to create a visibility group for an introducer/ supplier, in order for them to see it, would you need to buy them an additional seat in your plan and restrict their view that way? Thanks.
    • This is correct.

    • What is the reason when I duplicated any deal it dont duplicated all history information?
    • You can locate a list of data that gets copied over in our Knowledge Base https://support.pipedrive.com/en/article/how-can-i-duplicate-a-deal

    • If I have multiple master franchisees (countries), do we need to create separate pipelines? Or should we make sure the visibility is set up like the team of France can only see the France leads (using the same pipeline)
    • You can use the same pipeline for this or you can use Labels to identify the country of the franchise.

    • You need to highlight your Mouse Cursor.  Hard to follow your moves
    • Thanks for the feedback!

    • Any plans to add checkbox option in tasks
    • You can currently check off tasks and activities within the Projects add-on

    • Do you plan to have a HTML email integration? I need to send more fun emails to clients and can only do it in Campaigns.
    • The Campaigns add-on is primarily built to send more sophisticated fun emails. That is the best route for this purpose within Pipedrive.
    • How do I handle the owner change of the contact that happens automatically when a contact submits a form? Can I reverse this with automation?
    • Yes, this can be accomplished using the Workflow Automation.

    • Have a Deal that is not visible on my dashboard.  I can find the Deal when I search. Why am I not able to see it in the dashboard?
    • Reports may not always show real-time data since the update time depends on the company size and data load. https://support.pipedrive.com/en/article/insights-feature

    • Can we hide deals from other owners in PipeDrive when the pipeline is available to everyone?
    • Yes, you can do this with your Visibility settings. Depending on what plan you are on, you can list an item as visible to just the item owner and followers, the entire company or a certain visibility (Professional or higher) https://support.pipedrive.com/en/article/visibility-groups

    • Do you plan to activate responsive links in email templates to further personalize the email automation?

    This is possible. Yes. This can be done using the Workflow Automation to continue with your sequence based on if a person has clicked on any links. https://support.pipedrive.com/en/article/automations-sequences-based-on-email-conditions https://pipedrive.hubs.vidyard.com/watch/TjpWMoJ5s4BdbVggpLkwBC?

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    • Can you delete multiple deals at once? Or move them from one stage to another in bulk?
    • Yes, this can be accomplished using the Bulk editing feature in List View https://sharing.pipedrive.com/i/7x7MVJ

    • Will you be showing more ways to automate?
    • Here is a playlist of different workflow automations https://pipedrive.hubs.vidyard.com/watch/vBTbRkA1A189pEja67ov4H?

    • I have two pipedrives active for my team. I created a Dashboard for the first pipedrive. How can I copy the dashboard and apply it to the data of the second pipedrive?
    • Yes, you can duplicate your dashboard and then select your other Pipeline in your filters for each report.

    • Does a 'Only viewer' licence exist in PipeDrive (at a lower price than a full user for example)?
    • Not at the present time.

    • How can we automate the Facebook ads leads so that they can be added automatically to Pipedrive?
    • You can use Zapier or Make

    • when do you use Leads
    • Identify potential deals sitting in the early stages of your pipeline, not ready to move forward through the sales process but also not cold enough to be lost or deleted.

    • Can you show deal views in month view - ideally this month view, or last month view etc?
    • Yes via the Forecast view https://sharing.pipedrive.com/i/hrWAd4

    • I would like to ask, that how can I make an automations to track how many sale offers were made in certain month
    • By creating a custom activity named 'Sales Offer'. You can then identify how many of those activities have been completed.

    • Notes put in a LEAD seem to disappear when a lead is changed to a deal.
    • That should not occur. Please reach out to support@pipedrive.com to look further into this specific issue

    • For Campaigns. Can an automation be: Send double opt-in request email after a person's Marketing status changed to Subscribed?
    • Unfortunately not.

    • Are you planning to set tasks as recurring tasks?
    • You can do this using workflow automation with delays. Keep in mind, the total time allocated to delays in your automation cannot surpass 90 days.

    • Can you restrict the view for some users on certain pipelines?
    • Yes, by using Pipeline visibility. https://support.pipedrive.com/en/article/pipeline-visibility

    • Does the change of owner automation example record in the History notes in the normal way?
    • Yes, this information is reflected in the change log and history

    • Is it possible to use the "triggered users' ' right now ? I don't see that on my professional plan
    • Feature is currently in 'beta'. To give access to automation to other users in your company, click on the automation itself to open the contextual view. Then, in the users section, click on ”Add users”. https://support.pipedrive.com/en/article/share-automations

    • I created a filter for a campaign to suppress certain partners (I used a custom field tag I assigned to people). But when I sent the campaign it still went to the people I suppressed. Any tips?
    • Please reach out to support@pipedrive.com to look further into this specific issue

    • Why do you need automation for changing the ownership of the jobs?
    • You only need the automation to make this happen automatically when something happens. You can always change deal or item ownership manually

    • Will there be calculations available in Automations (example: When deal value changes more than 5.000 EURO do something)?
    • Possible with use of the formula custom fields (ie deal is updated -> condition if deal formula custom field is more than _-> do this)

    • how can we extract a selected customer list with different criteria
    • Filter https://support.pipedrive.com/en/article/filtering

    • How do I change owners of Leads in addition to Deals?
    • Workflow automation. You need an trigger (i.e a label change, activity being completed, or custom field change) for this to occur

    • For the scheduler, is there a way to make it so that more than 1 person gets the meeting link sent to them? and for the actual link not to specify who the meeting will be with? like a general meeting link for the whole team?
    • This is possible with the syncing of a combined calendar that everyone has access to. That calendar would need to linked and connected to Pipedrive

    • How do I clean up my work area in Pipedrive where there are leads that I did not create but do not want to completely delete in order to actually use my workflow as right now it is full of old leads.
    • You archive your leads that you are not actively engaged with. This will not delete them https://support.pipedrive.com/en/article/leads-inbox

    • Do you have a resource that includes the meaning of triggers/conditions etc available in automations?
    • Automations and actions https://support.pipedrive.com/en/article/workflow-automation Conditions https://support.pipedrive.com/en/article/workflow-automation-conditions

    • Is Automation can only be done by the main/admin user?
    • No, however by default, only admin users in Pipedrive can create automations through the Automations feature. Learn more about the automation feature in Pipedrive here.
    • Global admin users can enable the permission for global regular users to create and edit their own automations in Pipedrive.

    • Comment bien importé les fichiers xls pour ca soit bien fait et automatisé ? (How do I import the xls files so that it's properly done and automated?)
    • We have a video in our Academy https://learn.pipedrive.com/app/courses/d9c2c42e-bfee-4641-be56-29171ff1b072 and an entire section devoted towards Importing in our Knowledge Base https://support.pipedrive.com/en/category/getting-started#importing-data

    • How can you tell which version you're on?
    • If you have access to the Billing page within your account, you can see your subscription plan. Outside of this you can connect with your Pipedrive account admin to identify which plan.

    • How do you know what version we have?
    • If you have access to the Billing page within your account, you can see your subscription plan. Outside of this you can connect with your Pipedrive account admin to identify which plan.

    • How do I determine what plan my company has subscribed to?
    • If you have access to the Billing page within your account, you can see your subscription plan. Outside of this you can connect with your Pipedrive account admin to identify which plan.

    • Hello new to Pipedrive, and loving it,  would like to know how to edit won deals to submitted. 
    • Go to the Deal List view and find the won deal. You can also  use the "Search Pipedrive" at the top of your screen

    • ¿Se puede traducir al español? (Can it be translated into Spanish?)
    • Previous webinars in Spanish: https://app.livestorm.co/pipedrive/automatizacion-pipedrive?utm_source=Livestorm+company+page https://app.livestorm.co/pipedrive/habitos-de-ventas-altamente-efectivos?utm_source=Livestorm+company+page https://app.livestorm.co/pipedrive/reportes-de-venta?utm_source=Livestorm+company+page

    • Conseguimos traduzir para o português ? (Can we translate it into Portuguese?) Previous webinar in Portuguese:
    • https://app.livestorm.co/pipedrive-customer-success-product?on_demand_locale=pt-BR Hopefully more to come