Issue with adding a contact to an organisation

Margaret Yelverton Corr
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This issue occurred yesterday when trying to add a contact to an organisation. If i go ahead and fill in the fields marked in red then I create a duplicate. Pipedrive informed us that there was a bug in the system but as yet today this issue has not been resolved. Is anyone else experiencing this issue and also how long does it take Pipedrive to resolve bugs.


  • Andreia Costa
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    Hi @Margaret Yelverton Corr 👋

    Sorry to hear you are being affected by this bug! It is indeed being investigated by our developers, but they were able to find a root cause, so we can implement a workaround.

    If this is still happening, please reach out to our Support team so they can help!

    About the timeline it can take to resolve bugs: It's very difficult, if not impossible to give an ETA. There are several things that come into play like: the actual impact of the issue, how many users are affected, etc. So it can be resolved fairly quickly or take a bit longer.

    Should anyone else within the community have the same issue as above, please reach out to our Support team.


  • Hi @Andreia Costa,

    Thank you for your response. I had reached out to your support team Wednesday lunch time and a solution was offered yesterday at 5pm.

    See reply from support here

    As you can see this has not been fully resolved and as adding contacts to organisations is a fundamental part of a CRM service this really disrupted and hindered our team over the last two days.

    I am looking forward to an update and quick resolution to this issue.