Is it possible to add Participants on Leads, or only on Deals?

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Hi Pipedrive team!

Is it possible to add Participants on Leads, or only on Deals?

Our team wants them on Leads as often our first conversation with an inbound lead is a conversation with the referrer (the company's external accountant/CPA) and not the eventual client (the company owner/director).

This means we want to add the referrer as a participant at the lead stage, and enter the company director as the main contact on the lead.

Is this possible?

If not:

  1. Please consider this a feature request, and
  2. Are there any workarounds to achieve the outcome we want in this use case?

Thanks in advance for your help!



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    Hey hey @MC 👋

    It's not possible to add participants to Leads, at least not for now! I suggest you add that in the "Ideas and Product feedback" section so that other members can upvote the request and it brings further visibility to our Product Managers for consideration.

    Now, I do have a potential workaround for you! I suggest you use a custom field type "person" so this type of field will link a contact profile to it. Here, just search for person:

    You can then give it a name like "Lead participant" or even "Lead referrer" or something similar that you'll know is to add a second contact to that Lead besides the main one.

    Hope this helps!