Need to make automation to monitor a specific time after deal has won.

When we have a license deal and its won we have it move to another pipeline.

This pipeline I need to monitor the deal for 90 days and move it into another deal stage at that 90 days before renewal. We have a date field with a date of that renewal. Can we use that field to automate the to move to a deal stage 90 days out so we can start the renewal process.

Is there a automation by schedule coming to the pipeline automation?

Any guidance would be helpful.

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  • Liz (Ops Designed)
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    Hi @aaron.geister -

    I’m curious if it’s necessary for you to switch deals to a different pipeline? By moving deals across pipelines you’re losing crucial pipeline data. If you can avoid it, I always recommend keeping the Deal in a single pipeline. If you really need the additional pipeline, ideally you would duplicate the Deal for the 2nd pipeline.

    There is a bit of a hack to do what you’re looking for in Pipedrive Workflow Automations, but it is not perfect and would be much cleaner in Zapier.

    First you will need to create a filter. In the screenshot example I used the Intro Call Date field, but of course you would use your Renewal Date field.

    Then, your workflow automation would look like this.

    As I said, Zapier is much more straightforward, i.e. when deal matches a filter, do X, Y, Z. You would also be able to incorporate your Slack message via Zapier.

    Please feel free to reach out if you would like additional support.

    - Liz

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  • aaron.geister
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    @Liz (Ops Designed)

    So I found out today after I put this out there that this are actually created after a deal is won for licensing. So they will sit there in our renewal board until the renewal is close to or on the 90 days of renewal.

    I need to make sure that we can monitor this in that time. I am not sure it will work though because the delayed action is only good for 12 weeks or 90 days. I need to have it go out to about 40 weeks. Which is 90days before the renewal happens.

    I was thinking that it would look more like

    trigger - Deal is created

    Condition - deal stage is renewal

    Action is to move deal into deal stage 90days out which is to take action on deal and notification sent to owner of deal in slack.

    The only limit I see here is that the time delay won't be long enough.

  • Liz (Ops Designed)
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    Hi @aaron.geister - It looks like your renewals happen 1-year later, right? So the notification should be ~9 months later? With a 3rd party automation tool like Zapier, you can build this in 1 simple automation.

    With Pipedrive's Workflow automations because you have the 12-week delay limit, you have to "hack" your way to a solution. Here's a way you could do this with Workflow Automation:

    1. Automation 1: When a deal is won, create a duplicate in the Renewals Pipeline
    2. Automation 2: When a deal is created in the Renewals Pipeline, delay 12 weeks, create the activity "Trigger 2nd delay" with the status "to do", delay 1-minute, update the "Trigger 2nd delay" activity status to "done"
    3. Automation 3: When the activity "Trigger 2nd delay" status has changed to done, delay 12 weeks, create the activity "Trigger 3rd delay" with the status "to do", delay 1-minute, update the "Trigger 3rd delay" activity status to "done"
    4. Automation 4: When the activity "Trigger 3rd delay" status has changed to done, delay 6 weeks (getting you to the 40-week mark), then...... update deal stage to "90-days out," etc. etc.

    ^^ should work. You'll see it's not the most elegant of solutions, but it can do the trick.

    If you would like additional support or would like my team to build this for you, feel free to Schedule a Working Session.

    - Liz