How to counteract users deliberately massaging deal conversion rates by reverting deals to leads.

Ted Youn
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In the insight deal conversion report, deal status has three options:

  1. open
  2. won
  3. lost

I'm wondering whether we can also check 'deleted' deal status when making a conversion report.


One of my clients allows users in his company can revert their deals to leads. (This is required for his business.) But some users exploit this option to deliberately massage the conversion rates. If a deal is likely to fail, the deal owner reverts this deal to a lead instead of making it a lost deal.

One way to catch these dishonest operations is to have 'deleted' status in the deal conversion report. It's because a deal is marked to be 'deleted' once it is reverted to a lead. But it seems that Pipedrive doesn't support 'deleted' status in the deal conversion report.

Does anyone have a good suggestion on how to deal with this case?


  • Axel Depierre
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    Hi @Ted Youn ,

    One way to see this would be to create a report like this :

    Lead => Performance

    As a condition add "Source = Deal"

    Segment by user

    This will show you ALL Leads that come from Deals though

    About Deleted deals you will have to create a report by filtering from the Deal List view