Multiple persons in Person type field, and multiple companies in Company type field


It would be great to be able to have a list of persons or companies in those types of fields, especially for companies/persons.

Let's say we want to have list of board members or owners, so we could just add all of them as a list into one field, instead of having 20 fields for Board member 1, Board member 2 etc. Same with companies, if a person is related to many companies, let's say he/she is CEO in 5 companies, Board member in 20 companies, etc.

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  • tomb
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    We have been asking for option to connect person to multiple companies since 2018...

    Seems its not popular request.

  • Andri
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    This is different. I am aware of the request that you mentioned. Since there are still no news about implementing that, I am thinking about a workaround: fields that let you add multiple persons and/or companies into the filed values. I am hoping that this is easier to implement than having multiple people attached to a company the other way.

  • alpolic8
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    I second this.

    We are using Projects view, and it would be great to have a Team field, containing our team members from contacts.

    The team can be of different sizes, and having one field per person is not cutting it.