How do we resend an email campaign to unopened recipients?

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We recently sent out an email campaign and want to resend the campaign to all recipients that didn't open the email. Is this possible by creating a filter?


  • Jared
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    @mchlgrcia This is possible by creating a filter in the person list view. You can create a filter like this

    Then, when you make your campaign to follow up, use this filter to set the recipients.

    Let me know if that helps.

  • Azan Awan
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    Yes, it is typically possible to resend an email campaign to recipients who didn't open the initial email by creating a filter. The process may vary depending on the email marketing platform you are using, but the general steps would involve:

    1. Segmentation: Identify the segment of recipients who did not open the initial email. Most email marketing platforms provide options to create segments or filters based on the open and click behavior.
    2. Create a Filter or Segment: Use the filtering or segmentation tools in your email marketing platform to create a list of recipients who did not open the previous email.
    3. Duplicate or Resend the Campaign: Once you have the filtered list, you can either duplicate the original campaign or create a new one specifically for the recipients who didn't open the initial email.
    4. Schedule or Send: Schedule the resend at an optimal time, considering the time zone and behavior of your target audience. Alternatively, you can send the campaign immediately.
    5. Adjust Messaging or Subject Line: Consider modifying the subject line or content slightly to make it more compelling for those who didn't open the first time. This can increase the chances of engagement.
    6. Monitor Results: Keep track of the performance of the resent campaign, including open rates and click-through rates. This information can be valuable for refining future email strategies.

    Before proceeding with a resend, it's crucial to consider best practices and be mindful of your audience's preferences to avoid potential issues related to email fatigue or spam complaints. Additionally, check the terms of service of your email marketing platform to ensure compliance with their policies regarding email sending frequency and practices.