Deal Notes in Insights - We Need the Ability to do this to Report to Clients

Chase Burke
Chase Burke Member Posts: 1

We are in commercial real estate and we have a lot of listings. We create a new pipeline for each listing we get and a "deal" for each prospective tenant we engage to lease or purchase the listing.

We take notes on our calls and activities for each of these deals.

We want to generate a report in Insights that includes: A) Name of Deal B) Status of Deal C) Deal Notes.

We will send the report to our Landlords/Property Owners to update them on the listing status and potential deals.

I imagine this would be helpful to a lot of Pipedrive's users. Right now the notes are only helpful on the "deal level" when you open up each deal. It would be good to have them summarized on a higher level in a report as they are a highly used function.

***I sent the above message to Pipedrive via chat earlier today. They said they agreed it would be helpful for a lot of users and that their product team will review. They also encouraged me to post about it here to help generate some additional support. So, please comment or do whatever you can to support this post if you believe this would be helpful***