Folders for managing and building email templates



  • Shaheen Lambert

    @Meher. I'm open to discussing our email template needs with your team.

  • Meher

    @Shaheen Lambert Sharing my availability here. Encourage everyone to book a slot. It will be helpful to get as many insights so that I am able to make a strong case for this idea on our roadmap :)

  • Paul Minors
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    Thanks for sharing your availability @Meher. I want to respect your time and as I said, for me this solution is very simple:

    When you have a lot of email templates, it's quite hard to find the one you want to use when they're all in one big list. Having customisable folders (e.g. sales, support, nurture) where I can store different templates would make them easier to manage and find.

    It would be great if when I compose an email and click on 'Templates' the popup could show my template folders first. I then click to go into a folder where I can see all templates within that folder.

    But if this isn't clear, please let me know.

  • Gregoire H
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    @Meher would it be possible to have a shortcut to "Email template" ("Modèles en français serait très bien) in the email menu. It is painful (and not intuitive at all for the team) to have to click on "write a new email", "choose template", "manage templates" to modify or create a template...

  • Tyler Pipedrive
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    I would love this feature too.

  • GraceEdstart
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    Agreed - A feature allowing the categorisation of email templates would be incredibly useful, especially since multiple teams are using the platform, and not all templates are relevant to every team. 

  • Gabe Huntting
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    Pipedrive's email templating is, surprisingly, a lot more friendly than many third-party plug-ins: the 'block fields' are convenient, and the 'no send' fail-safe has saved me more than a few times...

    However, the biggest issue is that there is no dedicated area to manage the dozens of templates I've created. Scouring through all of my case-specific automations is tough enough, but having to create an email draft, click on 'Manage Templates', and then use a shrunk list view to manage and edit each template from a tiny pop-up menu is a huge hassle.

    Is Pipedrive planning on expanding email templates into its own section and UI/UX?

  • sampsonzak
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    This was suggested years ago - How has this still not been added?

    I only have 2 email templates, but I need folders for them. As I will have many templates which are completely different to the others.

    I need template folders!! Can someone please add them? It's such a basic feature but very vital for a platform like Pipedrive / any CRM in general

  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi @Gabe Huntting , thank you for your feedback! It's been noted in other threads as well so I will merge your post with the previous comments. Our product team is exploring some ideas around this, be sure to keep an eye out!

  • Jonathan Gennick
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    @Manuel Oliveira Also please consider adding a way to edit templates without creating an email that I'll never send. Because creating and editing templates are top level tasks and should not be nested within the sending of a specific email.

  • Steper
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    I'm relatively new to Pipedrive and have struggled quite a bit sorting through the dozens of email templates I've created over the last few months trying to find the "right one" each time I need to send out emails.

    So today I thought that surely someone on the tech-support side has addressed this issue previously and a quick HELP search should quickly offer solutions as I'm still learning the Pipedrive system.

    Now I'm flat-out stunned that fellow subscribers have been asking the same questions, describing their frustrations, and clarifying the importance of being able to create and sort through templates without having to create emails that will never be sent just to simply create, edit, or find the right template every time one is needed.

    And worse, there have been 4 YEARS of comments posted on this subject since FEBRUARY 2020. Some subscribers have even provided suggestions in their comments about what is needed and even provided different ideas on how to address it!

    Though I haven't been a subscriber for that long, this issue is VERY important to me as a business broker, so I would welcome any of the latest-greatest workarounds from within this community.

  • Paul Minors
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    @Mike van der Valk wondering if you're able to nudge the email team about this again? Surely there has been enough interest in this thread for the email team to justify the development time?

  • Mike van der Valk
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    Hi @Paul Minors

    Thanks for the tag. I'll reach out to our email team about this one. I know there are currently a few exciting things going on regarding GenAI and emails but I don't know what comes after. I'll pass it on so they can take it into consideration. Thanks :)

  • Stefaan De Vreese - Titanify

    100% agree we need this and also a way to better manage the templates. Going through the email composer is too much of a hassle every time I want to adjust the templates

  • Wayne Price
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    110% Agree ! This function is much needed especially when you increase teams using PD.