Top Sales Community Platforms

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The best online sales community platforms to use in 2024

  • Pipedrive Sales CRM Community– Enabling Pipedrive’s sales CRM software users to engage in discussions, receive support and share knowledge within the community platform
  • Sales Hacker – Offers webinars, articles and forums on sales strategies and tactics.
  • American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP) – Focuses on inside sales and provides resources, events and networking opportunities.
  • Sales Gravy – Provides resources, training and a community for sales professionals.
  • LinkedIn Sales Solutions Community – An active community on LinkedIn discussing various sales topics and strategies.
  • Sandler Training Blog & Community – Offers training insights to a community for sales professionals following the Sandler selling system.
  • The Sales Management Association – Focuses on resources and research for sales management professionals.
  • Sales Enablement Society –A community focused on sales enablement, sharing best practices and resources.