"Win" is the START of my sales cycle - how to track Client GROWTH


I'm in software development and, like every other software development company, we have two concurrent goals:

1) Tracking New Business - this is a classic "sales pipeline" and there are fairly ordinary metrics for it. A "normal" sales pipeline works here. But when I click "Won" the "sales process" does not end, it just changes form, as follows.....

2) Tracking Client Account Growth (also called "Account Farming"). I need to have a sales process within the existing and active client base. This is where I'm not clear on how to set this up in Pipedrive properly.

Let's say we win work with a law firm, I'll call them Cheatem and Howe (C&H).

The first project is maybe $125,000, and is expected to deliver in 4 months. We click "won" and the project vanishes from the Sales Pipeline and only emerges again via Insight Reports.

But when we win, I expect the Engagement Manager (aka "Account Manager") for C&H to remain highly engaged with the client, learn more and develop new opportunities at C&H so that they get ANOTHER project at C&H BEFORE the 4 month engagement delivers, and another and another (the strategy is "land and expand" and it's perfectly normal in the services world). What I need to track is an intra-client growth pipeline, which has different target metrics than the new business pipeline.

And to make things perfectly clear, as head of revenue operations, I need to have a single view of BOTH the new business and growth pipeline/forecasts.

I'm sure I'm not alone with this need, and it's likely been solved already, but I can't find anything that helps me better understand how to build this capability.

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    Yes, Dewey left to become the lead partner over at a new firm, Dewey, Robbem, Moore.

    And thank you, that solved the whole problem for me.