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Hi All,

I'm new here and looking for some advice.

I really like Pipedrive but I feel it's geared up for when a prospect becomes a lead. I've just started my business and need to use Pipedrive (or a plugin) to help me warm up Cold Prospects and track how many touch points each prospect has had.

i.e. I love the Deals Pipeline but wish it was build for Cold Prospects to move along a sales process before they become a Lead or even a Deal.

If we get a positive response from Prospecting then I think it could trigger a Lead in Pipedrive for me or my team to take a look at.

Does anyone know how I can either use Pipedrive to achieve this OR plug something into Pipedrive?

Thank you :)


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    Use the Leads function or set up a pipeline for tracking your prospecting process. Also, Campaigns is really helpful for prospecting.