Email Treading has stop working.

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Its been about a week now and email treading has stop working for pipedrive. I've try to look into reporting the bug but it seems there no way to get passed the AI chat bot and support@pipedrive .com email does not work. How do you guys communicate with PipeDrive so they can fix the issue? Is no one else recognizing that email threading has stop working. Within pipedrive when I reply to a contact email it just sends them a new email and does not include the previous email.


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    Hi @Good times 👋

    At the moment, I'm not aware of any issues with email threading but, of course, the Support team can check on that. If you have not been able to open a case with the Support team and considering that you are saying that there's a potential issue, you should be able to contact the team by completing a form the bot offers when there are reported technical issues. In your case, you should look into Email Sync - Sync/Connection issues and provide information + documentation.

    If you've already done that and have a ticket with the Support team, then all you need to do is provide documentation of the issue so the team can check on what is happening and troubleshoot as normal. We don't have an option to just report a bug, it has to go through our Support team and if indeed there's a bug, the team will then check on that.

    Hope this makes sense and that you can contact the team!

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    The chat A.I bot references the contact customer page and that page states to email [email protected] but the email does not work. If you try the entire process your self via the live chat you will see there no way to submit a ticket