Vacation/OOO Pause Feature for Automations?

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Howdy team!

A number of our automations utilize "Wait For Conditions" before proceeding to the next step. Unfortunately, given we're only able to have the action sit in limbo for 5 days, this will prematurely end automations for my team when they take their vacations.

I know that using a Delay condition would solve that issue but instead they'd be walking back into hundreds of overdue steps.

Has anyone successfully found a way to "pause" their automations?


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    @TrevorKearns , a potential solution would be to separate the automation to trigger based on actions taken by the sales rep. That way, when they are out of town and not completing any tasks, the following automation will not fire.

    I have done this with an SDR team, and we just triggered the following email/activity to populate when they marked the previous one as done. This allowed for some more flexibility.

    Another element to this is that we gave managers the ability to adjust the due date of activities so they would run a bulk update on the tasks to help the rep get back on track when they returned from vacation.

    Let me know if that helps or if you have any questions.

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