CoderSchool_Customer E-contracts - Seeking Your Assistance

Hien Tran
Hien Tran Member Posts: 1

1/ Non-receipt of Contract Email:

Two cases have reported not receiving the contract email. 

2/ Issue with Confirmation Code:

She received an email requesting a code to confirm the signature. However, she did not receive the code

Please help us to check and solve these issues. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thanks for your support!

Best regards, 


  • Jared
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    @Hien Tran , it looks like you are trying to reach Pipedrive support. This is the community, so we cannot access your account to help out. You can reach support here

    However, If clients report not receiving your emails, I would verify your email authentication using a tool like to double-check that your emails are correctly authenticated.

    You can share your results in this thread once they're done.