Deleted deals appear in my reports

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Looking into inconsistent data in a deal report, I realised some deleted deals are counted.

The report is a histogram plot. Clicking on a bar opens the detailed deal list. One deal appears as Status = Won, but clicking on the deal page shows it has actually been deleted.

There is therefore an inconsistency between the 'Status' field processed in the report and the 'Status' shown in the deal details.

There is no way to filter these deleted deals out, since the 'Deleted' option does not show. I can only pick between 'Won', 'Lost' or 'Open' deals.

Any help?


From the report list: (Gagnée = Won in French)

said deal #1510 has actually been deleted:


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    @nenj I have dealt with this situation before as well, and what I have found to work is to mark the deals as "lost".

    Why are you deleting the deal in the first place? Is it a duplicate?