Running reports - Update time for a specific field

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Our business follows how 3/4 key metrics are updated over time. For example, we have initial conversation with a new client and it becomes a lead. A 2nd conversation leads to finding out more info, for example how much volume they need. Then a 3rd conversation will ascertain the commission we can gain from any given deal. The reporting function can generate weekly, monthly, annual reports about how any over of these metrics add to a total over time, but the "update time" input field relates to anything that happens to a lead/deal in the past week. There is no way of specifying if the estimated commission was updated in the past week, or the total volume. Would be an incredibly helpful feature, as we still have to report everything manually. Pipedrive is just a store for contact info at this time.


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    @jllewellyne1 that is a unique situation. One potential solution would be setting up some automations.

    When the fields "Estimated Commissions" or "Total Volume" are updated, create an activity marked as done with a unique activity type. Then, you could pull reports on that activity type.

    Could you clarify what question are you trying to answer with this report?