Best way to track Partially Lost Business

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We often have clients that will still utilize our services for 50%-99% of their deal, but the other portion will be lost to a competitor. Is there a way to 1) capture the name of the competitor, 2) mark the deal as a "partial loss", 3) identify a dollar amount for the portion of the deal that was lost, 4) pull reports of the partially lost business?

It might also be nice to have profiles for the competitors with contact names associated with the competitor's business name.

How might we accomplish this?


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    @AluminumBoy I have built something like this before. One potential option would be to add an "Organization" field to the deal with a Competitor label, and you could add your competitors into the Pipedrive system. The downside is that you cannot control what organizations are added, so you will need to ensure your team only adds competitors. You could create some automation magic here as well. ;)

    Then you could add a "monetary" field and title it "Lost Business". The sales rep would then have to add the estimated value of lost business manually.

    I suggest having automation to help remind the sales reps to fill out the field so that you get data. My philosophy is that if the field is optional or a reminder is not created, the field ends up not getting filled out.

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    If I were you, I would break the deal into its component parts and create separate deals for each part.