Campaigns and Products



I'm evaluating different products for automatically sending email campaigns when new products are published.

This is my use case:

"As soon as a new product is available, I would like to (semi) automatically email all persons that might be interested (easily segmentable by a custom field) and tell them the product details, photos, links, etc."

Different things I've explored:

  • I thought I could create templates and interpolate Pipedrive Product details into them (but it's not possible)
  • Maybe I could build the email body in a custom script and create the campaign using the API (but the Campaigns API seems to be super too simple)?
  • I tried using Automations to create a new Campaign (but the only available action is "Send Campaign")

Any hints?


  • Jared
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    @msarsale from the research I have done you will need to incorporate Zapier and maybe a custom app to get this done.

    Not sure if the cost savings of automating the task Vs just making the campaign and sending it each time a new product is created is worth it.

    How often are you adding new products?