Autofill fields when creating new activity from most recent interaction

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I would like a setting that I can toggle that would allow me to autofill contact/organization/deal fields when I add an Activity. Ideally the setting would be on the + Activity page, just a small check box to autofill contact and (or) organization fields based on the last deal/project/contact/organization/email that was most recently active.

My thought process is this.

I read an email linked to a deal (or) get off the phone with a client/lead and I have their deal page up.

A need is discovered that demands follow up from this current deal, but I cannot help at the moment. So I (+) add an activity, and then here on the Activity set up page, I'm looking for a checkbox to auto link contact information from the deal I am working on.

If there are multiple contacts linked in the deal, have them selectable in a dropdown.

In other CRM's I am used to creating a task right from the email read/compose screen that will automatically link parties involved in the email. This is tremendously helpful for my role B2B Account Management. I can almost do that by just using the (+) button at the top but having to constantly fill out the contact fields feels really mundane considering all the data are there.

From Deals Page Example

From Email Page Example

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