Hello - Is anyone using Pipedrive within the digital and offset print industry

Terry Magafas
Terry Magafas Posts: 2
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I would like to reach out and ask if i may if anyone can suggest how they have been able to best use pipedrive within the printing industry.

We are based in Australia and would love to hear  your success story and roll out of pipedrive.


  • Jan Visser_342
    Jan Visser_342 Posts: 82
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    So you sell print? Or equipment?

  • Terry Magafas
    Terry Magafas Posts: 2
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    Hello Jan,

    Our services are print related including offset, digital and large format.

  • Cassie Bone
    Cassie Bone Posts: 3
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    We work in digital printing and are trialling Pipedrive now. How have you found it for your print biz Terry?