Synchronize Deal Stage ID of Sandbox and Production Account



we are developing a custom application and use Pipedrive as underlying CRM management. We use the Pipedrive API to communicate / update data.

Naturally, we have separated sandbox (test) and production environment. In our custom application we refer to the deals in the stages via the stage id.

The problem we have now is that the stage id between sandbox and production can not be set identical, for example in prod it is id: 1 = Inquiry received, in sandbox it is id: 3

The only option i see if i can get deals in a stage based on the attribute "order_nr", so that sandbox / prod can be synced.

Option two is whether i can update the stage-id myself.


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    Hello @whynot

    Unfortunately, ids are unique and automatically generated. I think you can edit the ids yourself, such as sorting. It just indicates the order in which the stage is. But I know that if the last deal id is 300, you cannot create 35000 or change the id of the previous one. You can search for answers in the developer forum for this. You will get clearer results.

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    Hi @inacyakup,

    unfortunately i do not see any way to edit the ID of a deal stage manually.

    There is a separate "order_nr" attribute; i think i have to use a filter to retrieve the deals of specific stage.