Feature Wish: Syncing Tasks with Microsoft To Do and Apple Reminder


I would like to synchronize the tasks from the PipeDrive Activities with (1) Microsoft To Do and (2) Apple Reminders.

Reasoning: Two of the most important principles of self-organization are:

(1) Tasks are not appointments/events and appointments/events are not tasks

⇒ Tasks therefore belong on the To-Do list / in the To-Do app, and not on the calendar! 

(2) There can only ever be *one* To-Do list (To Do app) ⇒ Tasks from PipeDrive belong on your only To-Do list / To-Do app.  

⇒ Synchronization of all PipeDrive tasks with the leading To Do apps: Microsoft To Do and Apple Reminders.

In both apps, you can keep separate lists and merge them into a common view. With a separate list for PipeDrive tasks, 2-way synchronization would be possible.


  • David Gurr (Make.com)

    AFAIK, Apple Reminders doesn't have any REST API. The only way to integrate with it outside of the Apple ecosystem is from a CloudKit JS web app ... so in theory you could build and host that yourself. But it's not a simple solution.

    Microsoft ToDo does have a REST API, so that's definitely possible - you could build a scenario using Make to synchronize between Pipedrive Activities and Microsoft ToDo.

  • TilRq
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    Unfortunately, I am not a developer.

    Synchronizing with MS To Do would be a solution.

    (P.S.: There a quite a view apps out there which interact with Apple Reminders quite well, e.g. GoodTask)

  • David Gurr (Make.com)

    It turns out that Make has already cracked this one ... there's an iOS app for Make that provides a REST API to create and watch reminders!

    The only caveat is that you also need to have the Make app from the App Store running on your iOS device.

    Details and documentation here.