Feature requests + my feedback from trialing projects within my organisation

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We Currently use pipedrive and Asana, a few weeks ago I had the bright idea to trial pipedrive for not just CRM but for projects too. So I trialled projects with my self and couple of members of my team!

what I found:

-There is no start dates for individual tasks / activities? This seems insane to me.. is anyone else having this problem or is there a work around I don’t know about? 😂 For example we may have a task that needs to start and end on a particular date… e.g engineer to site 18-22 July for example… currently on pipedrive projects we can only give a due date for tasks which just doesn’t work with any projects requiring variable start/end dates / custom time periods.

-There is no timeline or gant views for tasks?

-Theres no easy way to get a high level view of all the tasks / activities accross all the projects, apart from a long list which isn’t very user friendly at all and soon gets horrible to look at when you have a lot of staff/activities/tasks… a gant / calendar / timeline view for all the tasks would be amazing, and the ability to view tasks / activities by staff member would be amazing… as a MD I look after a large team and having easy high level visibility of what my teams doing throughout the day is a must for me.

Because Of these reasons I have not been able to use projects for my organisation and will be sticking with asana as pipedrive projects is lacking some fundamental functionality which I would consider a project management software would need as a bare minimum. I would love to give pipedrive projects another try within my organisation but before I can do this I would need the following functionalities taking into consideration:

-Resource management (the ability to see easily high level what staff are doing through our the work day)

-More views in projects, tasks, and activities (Gant, Timeline, Calendar, List, Kanban etc)

-Support for custom time periods, start and end dates on tasks, and activities.

-The ability to assign additional agents / staff to tasks (sometimes you may have two people working on a task)

-Custom forms for data input in projects (I know you can do this in leads right? But not sure if you can in projects)

Il keep an eye out for any future pipedrive releases and I hope my experience and feedback allows pipedrive to improve their projects area a little more to enable more organisations to make use of it, as it stands I don’t feel like it’s usable as a project management software but I really hope it’s improved on as I’d love to give it another try in the future!

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    Hi @BPAVTG , thank you for your feedback! I have moved it to the Ideas and Product Feedback section so it can reach our product team.

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    Dear Pipedrive-Team,

    we are also interested to use Projects in Pipedrive. As we are organising huge Events, a gant chart function is necessary for us.
    Is there any update regarding this topic?
    Thanks a lot and best regards