SaaS business : How to manage pipelines ?

Hello everyone,

I’m running a SaaS business and seeking advice on effectively managing pipelines in Pipedrive. Our business model involves selling subscriptions and individual products:

  • Subscription: 1-year unlimited access to all our three products.
  • Individual Products: Product A, Product B, Product C.

When engaging with a prospect, we have the option to offer either the subscription or individual products. It’s common for the same lead to receive two separate proposals after a sales call.

My query is: What’s the best approach to pipeline management in this scenario?

  1. A single pipeline for all deals
  2. A different pipeline for each year
  3. Separate pipelines for each product

Also, how do you handle renewals?

I’m open to any suggestions or best practices that could improve our pipeline management and prospect tracking.

Thanks in advance for your help!