see all search results in list view?

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Is it possible to see of the results for a search in non-modal list view?

Currently, it seems that search results are only displayed in a modal results pane that only allows me to click on one of the potential matches. There's no way to see all the records that match a search at once. I realize that I can build a filter, but I don't always need that for ad hoc searches. What I'd like to be able to do is sort of an 'advanced search' capability, and then see the results in a non-modal list view, so I can choose the individual person, organization, deal or whatever from the list of results.


  • Manuel Oliveira
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    Hi @bowendwelle , as you described, the search bar results will appear in a contextual modal and not as a dedicated list view screen. But even in the search modal, you can switch back and forth between the types of results you would like to see (like contacts, deals, activities, all categories, etc).

    Can you share more details on your need to see search results as a dedicated list view?

  • bowendwelle
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    Thanks for your reply Manuel.

    Let's say that I have 3000 vendors in my Pipedrive, categorized by type of vendor, and that I want to search view all of the companies of a certain vendor type -- let's say "plumbing", and then browse/search amongst them. As it stands, search is useless for this use case because if I search for "plumbing" I'll get an (incomplete) modal results list. Instead I have to construct a filter for that specific vendor type, and then view the results list. Fair enough, that works, but it's very cumbersome to have to build a filter for every possible search case, instead of just typing into the handy search box.

    See what I mean?