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Dear Community,

I hope somebody can get me in the right direction to setup a client insight dashboard.

We now monitoring these conversion rate via an Excel Sheet, but we hope if we can get this managed via the PD insights tab.

When a call has been made by one of our welcomecall agents and our deal in qualified to get a meeting with strategic meeting agent, we need to get insights of the ownership change.

In the history of a deal we can see the ownership changes, but unfortunately i cant get managed to have these in insights.

Please let me know any tips.

Thank you in advance!


  • Andreia Costa
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    Hello @TT 👋

    Currently, it's not possible to monitor ownership changes via Insights. We do have a Progress report that monitors just deals entering stages but not ownership changes.

    I suggest you add that idea in the Ideas and Product Feedback so that other users can upvote that!

    I can leave a small suggestion that might potentially work. You can create a custom field for "previous owner" and then with a workflow automation, update that field once an owner changes. However, every time there would be an owner change, it would update the field - so if a deal changes ownership 3 times, it would only keep the latest change in the field. It's also important to mention that only Professional and higher plans can use custom fields with the visual builder in Insights.

    But that's just a suggestion, it might work for you! Please remember to share feedback.