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There are a few clunky things that I think could be easily changed to vastly improve the email experience on Pipedrive.

Currently I have to be very careful sending emails on Pipedrive because of these issues. Otherwise, they look inconsistent from my regular email client (and I need to switch between the two).


  • Allow for default font/text size selection
  • Bring the fonts/text sizes in line with Gmail (and I guess other email clients)
  • Show what font/size is when a cursor is selecting a word
  • Ensure emails display the same across devices (I've heard from multiple people that email text looks small on iOS when I change font size whilst on Desktop/Android/Mac it looks fine) - I assume this is in the HTML the email editor is creating.
  • (Not really text editor, but still) Add 'same as last send' to scheduled email selection and to customise and name the available times (e.g. 'Pacific time AM' to send an email at 6pm GMT)


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