Can I create a new Organization directly from the results of a Prospector search?

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After searching for a business by name in Prospector, and successfully finding it, is it possible to just click somewhere to use that found information to create a new organization or deal within Pipeline? I'm doing a lot of prospecting right now and it is cumbersome (And slow!) to have to create the new organization record by hand.

If is isn't possible now, then I'd suggest this as a great new improvement to the Prospector/Pipeline integration!

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  • Andreia Costa
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    Hey @Joe_Bruzda 👋

    You can immediately add a person or org into Pipedrive when they convert to a lead. Though you can't create a deal from the Prospector menu, you can create a lead and convert it into a deal. Let me offer some visual guides!

    From there, if you add them, an org and person will automatically be created and a Lead is added. If you then track that lead, you can convert it into a deal. You can do this last step in bulk, so you can select several leads and bulk convert them to deals.

    Hope this helps!