How do I add instructions to pipeline stages?

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We recently redesigned our pipelines according to specific criteria. It would be useful for the team to be able to refer to some kind of description or instructions for pipeline stages (as an easy reminder). Is there an existing way to add information like that?



  • Tony Xavier
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    Hey @ACB,

    We currently do not have a default option to add a description about each Pipeline/stage. But this does seem like a very useful feature to have, and you can also share this to our feedback channel so our product team will be aware of the request:

    In the meantime, if you have access to Workflow Automations (available from the advanced plan and up), you can set up an automation that is triggered when a deal is created in the newly re-designed pipeline, and you can have the automation create a new note linked to the deal or even send an email to the deal owner mentioning the description.

    Attaching an example automation setup here:

  • ACB
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    Thanks @Tony Xavier -- I submitted the request as you suggested. The goal would be to see them from the Pipeline view. We have it all laid out in a document for reference but it would be much more helpful in-app.