Profit Tracking


So this can incorporate a few things i think Pipedrive is missing massively. I run a business and we sell products that have set prices per products and costs, which fluctuates percentages on a cubic per meter price. our sales reps have to be able to meet certain margins with these products - but the current system doesnt have the capabilities to do so.

you should be able to create a product, with a stock system and purchase system, or allow for integration to do so, so you can see the profit of a certain item sold against its cost. This way you can see the frequency of products sold, which are your high margin, smaller margin, and how to set commissions and bonuses for staff. being CRM is all about customer relationship management something like this would be great for pipedrive to attract a bigger clientel, but add the value of the information you hold on a customer. show the most profitable, show the least and you can improve so much more with just this feature alone

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