How do you manage stakeholder relations in B2B sales process in Pipedrive?

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Context: Our B2B SaaS product is sold on a project-basis; usually 3-5 people from multiple organisations are influencing product choice. In at least two occasions, key influencers became apparent at a late stage.

PipeDrive deals allow for associating multiple people to a deal, which is helping. However, the stakeholder relations can still get buried. Has anybody here got a process, advice, or perhaps a tool that's visual to help map and track stakeholder relationships, who's supportive and who's not?


  • Tony Xavier
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    Hello @Seb,

    As you mentioned, currently, Pipedrive offers the possibility to add Participants to a deal in addition to the default deal contact person. In addition to that, you can create Person-type fields for deals which can store the link to an existing contact in Pipedrive.

    Using this, would it be an ideal option to create Person-type custom fields in Deal for stakeholders based on their involvement so you can keep track of it all? You can also use the custom field while setting up a filter or a report as well. I hope this helps!