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Good day, Pipedrive friends

You may have heard that Google and Yahoo will be enforcing a more strict policy regarding email sender-authentication in the coming weeks.

If your domains (email addresses) are hosted by these companies, you'll need to make sure that your accounts are correctly configured... and even if you not hosted by these companies, a correct "DMARC / SPF / DKIM" configuration will greatly improve your delivery rates. In my opinion, it has become obligatory to configure your DNS settings properly.

The suggestion applies not only to email you send from Pipedrive, but also to all messages you send through any service or product, including your regular email client.

I am a Pipedrive consultant based in Montreal. I have invited many clients to consider using a DMARC configuration tool to get started. One that I like is available on-sale at the following link, but there numerous alternatives.


(This not an affiliate link, and I earn no commission from this company. I use DMARC Report but there are a many other similar products, and importantly -NO- product is required at all if you know what you're doing!)

You would have to be comfortable editing your own DNS settings, including MX records... so if you don't even know what an MX record is (which is most people!) then perhaps you should consider speaking with someone who can help. You will be looking for a person who knows how to modify DNS settings with MX records, CNAME and TXT-records.

If you are unsure if you compliant, you may also use the following free tool to check your domain (and again, there are numerous alternative free services)


Making these changes will not only keep your email compliant, it will also greatly improve your delivery rates.

If you need help, ping me!

Good luck!

Joseph Valenti