Is there an integration for pipe drive with Granot and RingCentral


I'm looking to integrate the current CRM system, which is very popular in my industry, which is the moving industry and shipping. Is there for now a way to link numbers that we have with RingCentral with pipe drive? That way, we can use the assistant to help organize our pitching process in sales process Also, are we able to import lead information from a CRV file?


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    You might want to take a look at Make - a no-code workflow automation system with pre-built connectors for over 1,700 SaaS solutions including Pipedrive and RingCentral.

    You can build your own custom workflows without needing to write a single line of code.

    And if you meant CSV rather than CRV, then yes - you can also import data from CSV files as long as they're hosted on cloud storage like Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox etc.


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    As is the case with so many things in software, just about everything is possible... it's only a question of how much effort is required to make it work, how long it takes and of course how much it costs.

    An integration to RingCentral is complex but surprisingly less difficult because there is a way to connect use this telephony product with a service called We have completed this type of project on several occasions before, and I can ESTIMATE that you're looking at a consulting bill of around $2000. You would have to purchase a subscription to Make at prices ranging from US$9/mo, to $16 or $29 depending on the details of your implementation.

    The integration to your moving software is a little more challenging even though it is a much less complex product. In the case of Grant here is no module available at It would therefore be necessary to "hand code" an integration using the API that they publish. We could work up a detailed quote for you, but I expect that a robust, bidirectional integration would cost several thousand dollars.

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    You separately asked if you can import data into Pipedrive from CSV files. The answer is yes, and Pipedrive publishes a good article on the topic: link here. Like everything else, it is "easy when you know how", but if you're new to this sort of data-transfer it might seem challenging at first.

    You are invited to contact me if we can help get things moving. We offer a 30-minute consultation at no charge.

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