Best Practices for B2C Specialty Trade Contractors

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Really trying to figure out how to make PipeDrive work for our business.

We are contractors who do work for homeowners. We rarely do work for companies. Our clients have home addresses and all our work revolves around that address.

I see how I can add a custom field and make it required for both People and Deals. There are some limitations with this setup though. For example, there's no auto complete as you type the address. Also, the map feature doesn't seem to work with that method.

Is it best to ignore Organizations completely and use custom fields or is it better to make every homeowner an organization?

This seems like a really obvious use case but it's confusing. Thanks for any help that you can provide.


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    RangR Member Posts: 2
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    I missed the Address Field Type. I have that set now.

    I would still be interested in any best practices from any other contractor out there. Thanks.