Best Practices for B2C Specialty Trade Contractors

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Really trying to figure out how to make PipeDrive work for our business.

We are contractors who do work for homeowners. We rarely do work for companies. Our clients have home addresses and all our work revolves around that address.

I see how I can add a custom field and make it required for both People and Deals. There are some limitations with this setup though. For example, there's no auto complete as you type the address. Also, the map feature doesn't seem to work with that method.

Is it best to ignore Organizations completely and use custom fields or is it better to make every homeowner an organization?

This seems like a really obvious use case but it's confusing. Thanks for any help that you can provide.


  • RangR
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    I missed the Address Field Type. I have that set now.

    I would still be interested in any best practices from any other contractor out there. Thanks.

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    Hello @RangR

    I don't have an answer for you but I'm also needing to know about how to best fit my use-case with pipedrive.

    I have a contact type that is a business but also a person and another contact that is a person only but can later opt to become a business.

    Have you been able to find a workaround to your use-case above, and are you bale to share some details?


  • Jennie Lau
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    Hi @RangR and @Paul-Techy I'm also a B2C business.
    Each of your clients should be added as individual 'Persons'. Then for each contracting job you do for your clients, that should be created into a new 'Deal'. There are Pipedrive experts to create the basic set-up for you. I don't know if there was as much resources available when I started tested this out 7 years ago. Pipedrive does work beautifully if you know what you want it to do for you. Feel free to reach out to me if you need additional input.

    It's taken me a while to track down my previous post but I believe this B2C post will give you a better idea of how I use organization.

    Furthermore Paul asked about a new client scenario for Bob & Mary Smith, here's a copy of my recap:
    Since Bob & Mary Smith would have been referred to me through a different source or as I like to call it, referral partner. Let's just say Bob & Mary Smith was referred to me by their Financial Advisor named Mo Money. 

    • Bob Smith and Mary Smith will be automatically synced through phone google contacts group I creatively named 'Pipedrive Group' (each of them will be added as a contact Person in my Pipedrive. 
    • I'll create a new Deal in Pipedrive, let's call it 'Bob & Mary Smith purchase'
      • Bob Smith is added as a participant to this deal
      • Mary Smith is added as a participant to this deal
    • As for the the Organization, I'll have one named 'Financial Advisor Mo Money' and attach it to 'Bob & Mary Smith purchase' Deal. 
      • Since Mo Money regularly refers me different clients, I'll have multiple deals tied to 'Financial Advisor Mo Money' Org. When I go to filter Organizations in pipedrive, I can see where my most of business is coming from because I make the columns - Open deal, Won deal, Lost Deal, and Closed deals visible. If Homer Simpson was a realtor that refers me business his organization name in my pipedrive is 'Realtor Homer Simpson'.  I do it this way so that I know the industry and the individual source that refers me the most business. Sometimes it's actually a past client that refers me the most, so besides being a personal contact in Pipedrive, I create an organization for them named 'Past Client First Last Name' 

    Your business sources will be different but the concept is still the same. You just have to be clear on what how you plan to work your deals/pipeline everyday and how you plan to use the organization field. In my case, it's useful for me to track business referral sources.