New: Recurring Products Early Beta

Jess Stacey
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We wanted to let you know that tomorrow we're releasing the new Recurring Products functionality to our early beta testers.

What will you get with this release?

  • Setup a Product to have a recurring billing frequency (weekly, monthly, quarterly, every 6 months, annually) and set up the billing cycles
  • Define the billing start date when adding products to deals
  • See a revenue summary when adding products to a deal (including MRR and ARR)
  • Use recurring products to create quotes in Smart Docs, or export the information to use with other tools

Where: The new functionality can be found in the details side panel of a product, and in the interface that you use to add products to a deal.

Availability: Only available in Advanced plan and higher. Customers who have Products with Durations are temporarily excluded from the beta.

What’s next?

  • Products Durations users will get access to the functionality in the coming weeks
  • New products reports in Insights are currently planned for the end of Q2, including products revenue forecasts.
  • In the long term this new functionality will replace Products Durations and Recurring Revenue Subscriptions.

Looking forward to any feedback you may have on this.

If you would like to be included in the beta please email me at [email protected]


  • anthonyr
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    Will this feature also work along side a card processing integration to process the billing? Any future possibility of integrating with

  • Jess Stacey
    Jess Stacey Pipedrive Team Posts: 38 PIPEDRIVE TEAM
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    Hi @anthonyr in the short term we have no plans to build any integrations with payments and billing providers, however the new data fields we've created for the billing information in products will be available via the API, so they could potentially be used to sync with other tools.

  • jgibbard
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    Sure. Great. But can you maybe fix products so we can actually use them? Right now, it's kind of a useless feature if adding the products can't become an estimate, proposal, or invoice, or be added to an email.

    Top priority: being able to add products to an email

    Next priority: being able to send the estimate out from the products section as an invoice or estimate

  • David Gurr (
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    @Jess Stacey When would you expect to add Recurring Products endpoints to the API?

  • NicoNico
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    @Jess Stacey , do you have a date for when this feature will be available?

    Thanks a lot!